Thousands flee ahead of Tal Afar ground invasion | Iraq News

Thousands of Iraqis continued to stream into the country’s Kurdish region, as government forces prepare for a ground offensive in a northern area controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Norwegian Refuguee Council said on Saturday that refugees near the northern city of Tal Afar were faced with harsh conditions, and were stopped by authorities in east of Mosul and Kurdish areas as they tried to flee the fighting.

“It’s very hard for them to move through,” Melany Markham, a spokesman of the humanitarian group, told Al Jazeera, adding that one transit site was already at full capacity, and could not take more refugees.  

She said that temperatures in the height of summer of between 45 and 50 degrees Celcius make journeys even more challenging.

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Markham said that while their transit site in Hammam al-Alil is…

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