Theft case involving Tyler Goodson of S-Town Podcast could go to trial this fall

A theft trial featuring numerous people from the popular “S-Town” podcast could be held in the fall.

Prosecutor Bryan Jones submitted a motion to continue the trial from its original June 26 date to sometime in the fall because of issues that have arisen as a result of further review of “S-Town,” a popular podcast that chronicles the life of John B. McLemore and his home in Woodstock, a small town in West Alabama.

In fact, Jones used “S-Town” to add a number of charges to the case and has plans to use the podcast in court.

“The state of Alabama needs more time to prepare for trial because some of the discovery issues have not been resolved,” the motion stated.

Since its release on March 28, “S-Town” – with the “S” standing for a vulgar word for excrement – has been one of the most popular podcasts online, having been downloaded 10 million times four…

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