‘I need to plan for the future’: Hotel owner says Churchill businesses need answers about support – Manitoba

A Churchill business owner says he needs answers about what to expect from the provincial and federal governments after the suspension of rail service to the community.

“I am a very optimistic guy, I’m a big community guy. I want to feel this is going to pull through,” said John Hrominchuk Jr., who owns two hotels in the northern Manitoba town of about 900, about 1,000 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

John Hrominchuk Jr. owns two hotels in Churchill, but says he’ll only be able to open one this year thanks to loss of rail service. (CBC)

“But I’m also a smart guy and there’s a lot of things happening now that the math just doesn’t add up.”

All train traffic to the community was shut down in late May after flooding washed out tracks in 19 locations between Gillam, Man., and Churchill. The town relies on rail to bring in essentials including groceries and fuel.


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