Helmets may be Seattle law, but many bike-share riders don’t wear them

The launch of three new stationless bike-share companies in Seattle is also leading to more — anecdotally at least — helmetless bike riding. Biking without a helmet is against the law, but police are focusing more on education than handing out tickets.

It’s the law: In Seattle and the rest of King County you have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike.

Well you’re supposed to anyway. But enforcement can be … sporadic.

As Seattle is seeing a boom in a new breed of stationless bike-share companies, it’s also, anecdotally at least, seeing increasing numbers of people riding those bikes without helmets.

“The reality is that most of the people using the new companies probably aren’t using helmets,” said Detective Mark Jamieson, a Seattle police spokesman. “I think your typical bike user or commuter that has their bike probably…

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