Former White House press secretaries have some advice for Sean Spicer … and it’s not pretty

In a CityClub luncheon in Seattle this week, former White House press secretaries Scott McClellan and Jay Carney said things have gone terribly wrong in the Trump administration. It can’t be good when the WH press secretary is the subject of parody on “Saturday Night Live.”

The relationship between government and the press is often adversarial, but usually both institutions understand the necessity of maintaining a working relationship that benefits both sides and the country as a whole.

In the other Washington, that understanding went out the window in January, along with much of what we’ve taken for granted about how our country works. The face and voice of the Trump administration in its daily dealings with the Washington, D.C., media is press secretary Melissa McCarthy — no, wait, Sean Spicer.

McCarthy is the actress who does a parody of Spicer on “Saturday…

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