First to lose Obamacare? The sickest county in the state

Obamacare is starting to crack, starting in our state’s sickest spot, Grays Harbor County. But the plan isn’t to fix it. It’s to make it dramatically worse.

Grays Harbor County has been called the “sickest county in the state.” Life expectancy there has long been three years shorter than the state average.

So the news that the last of the health-insurance companies are pulling out of the coastal county, potentially leaving it as a medical-insurance desert for individual plans, was greeted with a dark sense of familiarity.

“Are we being punished here in Grays Harbor?” asked Doug McDowell, host of a morning radio talk show “Coffee Talk” on Aberdeen’s KBKW, “The Talk of Grays Harbor.”

He was kidding. But unfortunately, it’s about to get dramatically worse.

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