Fingerless asylum seeker makes his case to stay in Canada Tuesday – Manitoba

Their winter walk across the border into Canada shone a spotlight on asylum seekers fleeing the United States after the election of Donald Trump.

Razak Iyal and his friend, Seidu Mohammed lost fingers and toes to frostbite during that Christmas Eve journey.

On Tuesday, Iyal will finally have his hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

“I’m happy that the day is coming,” he said last week.

“Every time I sit down and think about it, it’s still following me. All the people who are looking for me. They are still looking for me here, so when I sleep I always think about it, always dream about it.”

Iyal won’t explain exactly why he’s in danger in Ghana, saying he’ll tell the whole story at his refugee board hearing.

He does say he was facing jail, torture or even death at the hands of a rich and powerful member of Parliament representing his region.

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