Factors to consider when purchasing lcd tv

Maybe you are wanting to change your personal TV set and is thinking of buying lcd tv. With the broad range of goods available that tends to look all the same therefore this post will certainly teach you about the different factors to consider when buying one.


You might be tempted to purchase the biggest lcd tv you can find available in the market. Even though there are a few appliances that offer more benefit if it has bigger size, this notion does not apply in the case of lcd tv. First to find out is the size of the area where your Television will be installed. A 20-27 inch tv screen is best seen from a minimum range of 2 to 5 feet, 32-37 inch from 6 to 8 feet, 42-46 inch from 10-14 feet and 50 inch from a minimum range of 16 feet.

Pixel Count

Pixels are responsible for the quality and also sharpness of lcd tv hence the greater it states to have the more effective it is. The…

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