E3 2017: Digital add-ons give video game makers a billion-dollar boost

Enabled by digital storefronts and internet downloads, more game studios are selling new content after the initial sale of a video game in a bid to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

LOS ANGELES — The latest digital version of the world’s most popular sport, “FIFA 18,” will cost $59.99 when it’s available in a few months.

But if the soccer video game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, gets its way, the transaction won’t stop there.

Player packs, a sort of digital trading-card set that unlocks real-world players for use in “Ultimate Team” game modes, can be purchased for a few dollars each. The dice roll gives you a chance at landing one of your favorite players for use in competitive play and special tournaments.

The feature isn’t new, but it has gained traction in recent years as part of a broader industry trend of…

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