Coordination is key to getting deals done on time – Orange County Register

There are the obvious things that need to be done in a real estate transaction that take coordination between the buyers and sellers when the sellers are still living in the house.

Like when buyers and the home inspector can literally take over the house for three to four hours. Like when the appraiser can make arrangements to collect all the data necessary to generate his or her report. And when the buyers can perform their final walk-through.

There are a few more events that tend to occur toward the end of escrow that can take some coordination to avoid miscalculations, misunderstandings, and disruptions. Among them:

Utilities: Who’s shutting off what and when often takes coordination during the last week or so of escrow.

The timing gets complicated when there are questions about the actual close of escrow date. There have been times when the unexpected occurs and the close…

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