Camaraderie in the U.S. Navy: Photos From World War II

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Camaraderie in the U.S. Navy: Photos from World War II

Credit Fons Iannelli/Steven Kasher Gallery

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During the Second World War, Edward Steichen was among a select group of naval photographers who documented combat in the Pacific theater. While some members of the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit, much like Mr. Steichen himself, are well-known for their contributions to photo history — notably Wayne Miller and Fenno Jacobs — others had a lower profile.

Fons Iannelli was among those unsung talents. He took up photography at 21, just a couple of years before Mr. Steichen recruited him to join his maritime group of documentary photographers in 1941. Now, a recently-uncovered trove of photographs taken by Mr. Iannelli, including both wartime prints and…

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