Bet on Kentucky Derby: picking the winner

Who would not feel the electrifying excitement the Kentucky Derby brings?! With just two minutes you get instantly the result of the race you would not need to wait for a long time to know if you win the game or if it is“better- luck next time” for you, you will surely get attracted to bet on Kentucky Derby. In fact, even those who are not in to horse racing and not following the race, want to place a bet on it. Kentucky Derby is considered as one of the most popular horse racing done every year. It is a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. It usually runs in the first week of May and held at Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

If you are interested to bet on Kentucky Derby, then there are tips that you should consider to for you to be able to successfully pick the Kentucky Derby Winner , and enjoy bragging rights or big money!

1. It only take a 1 and ¼…

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