Amy Choate-Nielsen: From the mouths of babes, sometimes the truth is surprising

Every parent knows kids lie sometimes.

It starts innocently enough, when they’re really young and they don’t understand what they’re saying, but they want to say it anyway, like, “Look Mommy, there’s Bigfoot!” or “A squirrel came and ate my cereal.” Deep inside, as a parent, you know that’s just not true, because A, bigfoot isn’t really real, and B, there are no squirrels inside at the breakfast table.

But even though you know it’s a lie, somewhere inside you still want to believe it could be true. Because kids have a sixth sense for these kinds of things, and maybe they can perceive things hardened old adults can’t anymore. Maybe there wasn’t really a squirrel there, but I sometimes wish there had been, just for the delight it would have brought my toddler at…

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