American Airlines Responds After Man Posts Viral Photo Of ‘Gross’ Lobster Roll

A man who posted a picture of his grilled cheese lobster roll aboard an American Airlines flight later went viral after he wrote a scathing review about the quality of the dish. Travel blogger Ben Schlappig wrote a blog Thursday about the airline’s food, and American Airlines on Friday issued an apology and stated the food was “not up to our standards.”

In a piece on his travel blog One Mile at a Time, Schlappig wrote, “I’m actually being too generous with the title in calling it a ‘lobster roll.’ It was more like a ‘lobster’ ‘roll.’”

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“I have low expectations of American’s catering,” he said. “Yes, even in business class on their ‘premium’ A321 transcon flights. But yesterday I was served what might just be the worst meal I’ve ever been offered in a premium cabin.”


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