A sweet day may come from a sweet taste of cheesecakes


Marveled with this sweet luscious thing? It is baked with berries, sometimes flavored green tea and topped with ice cream. Others prefer it not baked and topped with fruits and jelly. You can have it baked or unbaked, frozen or taken hot. Others want it too sweet and some want it bitter-sweet. Whatever style and version you want to take it, you will surely love it. This sweet thing is called cheesecakes.

Many people especially women and children love to eat sweets not just because of their taste but because they also bring light to our feelings. In scientific studies it is already given that endorphins which are capable of triggering good emotion and mood can be contained in sweet foods.

This mouth-watering dessert is the best source of a happy mood when you are sad. It’s not just tasty but helpful in making up your day.

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