Daily Archive: Saturday, May 27, 2017

How To Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Skin Cancer

Melanoma is a type of cancer that occurs on the skin and all the parts of your body that is exposed to the sun light and the outdoors. For instance, melanoma can occur on your throat or your shoulders or your back or arms or hands or feet or legs and in even more places

Tips on renting a 15 passenger van in San Diego

The need for a safe, affordable and reliable transportation for your large group during your short or long-term stay is imperative. When you are staying in San Diego for any length of time, you will find that relying on the public transportation is not cost effective. Besides all the time you spend waiting for that

Knowing a Bit about Ice Cream Cones Treats

When the blazing sun is high up in the air and sweat uncomfortably drips down your back and the sides of your face, what do you think about the most? If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then maybe you want to indulge in a cool and delicious dessert. Ice cream can be