Daily Archive: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Importance of Effective Communication Skills for Managers

Effective communication skills are important for every employee in an organization, but they are especially critical for managers who want to improve employee productivity, performance, teamwork, and morale. To truly be effective, managers must master verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills. Every interaction with an employee is an opportunity to make a positive impact on

Practice saying President Mike Pence: Matthew Tully

Whether you reside on the right, the left or anywhere in the middle, the veep would be an upgrade. Vice President Pence greets employees at Blain’s Fleet and Farm Distribution Center in Janesville, Wis., during a listening session with Wisconsin business leaders Friday, March 3, 2017.(Photo: Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) It seems quite reasonable

Main Types of iPhone Damages

iPhones were created with quality and user-satisfaction in mind. In spite of that, it is still possible for these handsets to be damaged. The good news is that most damages acquired by iPhones can be fixed with the help of credible iPhone repairers. iPhones became one of the most important personal possessions for many people.