Daily Archive: Friday, March 3, 2017

Digitizing Embroidery Design: What You’ll Need to Learn

  Wondering how those beautiful custom embroidered logo shirts are done? Well, that is through the aid of digitizing software. Yes, you read it right. Digitizing is crucial also in the field of embroidery. It allows embroiderers to easily stitch a complex logo that will look exactly the same as the original image onto the

Direct Mail Works for Dentists

Direct mail volumes are on the rise, with several small businesses launching new initiatives. While direct mail naturally compliments some industries, it benefits others that many entrepreneurs wouldn’t expect. One such sector is dentistry. Many dentists use directories to recruit new patients. However, a recent article from Dentistry IQ suggests that direct mail can be

Affects of Fuel Varnishing in RV Generators

It is always important to keep your RV generator in the best condition possible and that includes frequent oil changes, spark plug replacements and battery cleaning.  While these are to some degree good habits to get into and will increase the longevity of any RV generator there is another maintenance task that should never be