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UF Landscape Architecture students visit Live Oak for project | News

LIVE OAK — The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) staff guided nine University of Florida Landscape Architecture students on Friday through a full day on-site visit of Live Oak for a two-week design project. According to a CRA staff report, the college of design, construction and planning students were shown around the city to develop design

How to Write a Thesis – Some Crucial Tips by Sabrina Walter

The internet is packed with a huge amount of articles that explain the method how to write a thesis. The solid fact is that most of these articles are just vague. However, a qualified writer or someone who has years of expertise in this ground does not write this web content. Consequently, it becomes important

Has the Art Market Become an Unwitting Partner in Crime?

The debate about anonymity in the art world has intensified over the past year, fed in part by the release of the so-called Panama Papers, which detailed the use of corporate veils to conceal ownership, dodge taxes and enable crime, its authors say. Now various expert groups, like the Basel Institute, are coming forward with