Daily Archive: Sunday, February 5, 2017

​How football should police itself

I know it’s news, and maybe it’s just the baseball fan in me, but this “Deflategate” business just does not seem as important as, say, whether to sign a nuclear deal with Iran. I guess it is a big deal if you bet a bundle on the Super Bowl, but here’s the thing: One of

Onstage, Rapidly Reacting to the Dawn of the Trump Era

“It is not a crazy or extreme fantasy,” Mr. Schenkkan said. “It’s very solidly grounded in current American law, and Trump’s rhetoric, and his most recent executive orders.” Continue reading the main story Mr. Schenkkan, also a screenwriter who wrote this year’s Oscar-nominated “Hacksaw Ridge” with Andrew Knight, penned “Building the Wall” the week before

Biz Beat: Anaheim business sets the stage for events of all kinds

Over 20 years, an Anaheim family business has grown from a couple livening up events with their lone sound system to an all-in-one event staging group that has worked with celebrities, major corporations and local groups alike. McNally Enterprises, founded in 1987, has grown its offerings little by little over the decades. While it started